Searching for innovative solutions, customization and implementation of projects. Thanks to the commitment of our team and the use of state-of-the-art technologies available on the market we develop ready-made and proven projects

Environmental Protection

Create products that are in harmony with the environment while maintaining all security conditions


Continuous improvement and development of new solutions while communicating with the customer, the operating team, the executive and the design office

CONSTRUCTION & DESIGN TOMASZ BOBER specializes in the design of spare parts and components for industrial equipment. It also designs ready-made machines for various industries. Based on many years of experience in the food industry, it offers proven solutions and co-operates with constructors from many European countries.

Construction & Design Tomasz Bober sells used WP Kemper machines and supplies spare parts for existing WP Kemper installations.

 The company is rooted in the company Czysta Forma Sp. z o. o. Sp. K. Since 2008, Tomasz Bober has provided services to food companies such as Werner & Pfleiderer, WP Haton, WP Kemper, Hartmann, Diosna, Woodschow and Capway.


Objectives of Construction & Design Tomasz Bober

  • price competitiveness in relation to branded products,
  • optimization of operating costs in the production process,
  • creating of innovative solutions in the design of machines in the food industry,
  • cooperation with foreign companies,
  • looking for new outlets,
  • construction of durable components,
  • flexibility and meeting the customers’ needs,
  • use of state-of-the-art technologies available on the world market,
  • creating environmental friendly products,
  • creating machines and spare parts with particular attention to user safety

The method of projects realization

Every project is thoroughly discussed with the customer, the operating team, the executive and the design office before its implementation.

If a customer orders a design of a machine component, it is constructed on the basis of an existing component that is being analysed in the laboratory (chemically or structurally). This reduces the risk of errors in the production process. The next step of works with the component is its CAD3D design. Once the customer accepts the project, it is sent to the machining centre. The finished product is subjected to quality control and we try to make the execution time as short as possible.

If a customer orders a complete machine design, it determines its functionality, performance, and size, and the company proposes several solutions that the CAD3D visualization shows. The customer has the choice of using cheaper or more expensive components and parts, depending on the budget he want to spend on the machine.

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