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Bath to cleaning trays and troleys.

Bath (2000 liter)  to cleaning trays and troleys for roto oven in a  bakery.Dimensions: L x B x H  2285 X 920 X 1455 MMThe bath has heatings element with thermostat (temperature regulator).
Temperatures to good clean are: 
for stainless steel 70 degree Celsius  !!! for aluminium  60 degree Celsius !!! 
The bath you need to fill  in 30 % von fluid  and 70 % water.   30 %/70 % or just half of bath depending on what you wash.
Year of construction 2015 (only a few times cunted). German manufacturer.
Next to the bath you can get a 1000 liters tank made of plastic and  a submersible pump.
The total price with stand, tank and pump is ONLY 5500 EURO netto !!!
I buy it for 16 000 Euro netto in 2015 as new one from german company.
The bath is only 4 years old an only several times used.
Transport will be add to the total price.
The cleaning bath is located near Warsaw in Poland.

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